“And the more I considered Christianity,

the more I found that while it had established

a rule and order, the chief aim of of that order was to give room for good things to run wild.”

G.K. Chesterton


SDSG exists because we believe we are better together.
We offer a variety of events & activities
designed to connect & encourage families.
Schole should be a delight.
Weekly Co-Op
Time to gather together
to serve, study & share with
one another
Fridays, Sept-May
Schole Sisters
Times of care, contemplation & conversation - just for our moms
Sept, Jan, June
Family Activities
Times of treat for our kids & retreat for our parents -
fun for the whole family!
Oct, Mar
SDSG Showcases
Times of celebration
highlighting our students'
talents & achievements
Nov (Speech Meet)
Feb (Science Fair)
May (Living Portraits)
Community Outreach
Times to put feet to our faith & soul to our study in reaching our local community
Dec (Christmas)
Apr (Easter)
*All calendar dates are TBD & subject to change.  

Sample Schedule

1st Period         Opening Exordium (Bible)
2nd Period       Literature
3rd Period        Science
4th Period        History
5th Period        Lunch & Recess
6th Period       Closing & Clean-Up
7th Period        Logic *grades 6-8 only
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